Sunday, April 21, 2013

Everything that's wrong with American politics coverage in one convenient sentence

Maureen Dowd:
Even House Republicans who had no intention of voting for the gun bill marveled privately that the president could not muster 60 votes in a Senate that his party controls.
Point one: Yeah, isn't it weird how the Democrats control 55 seats but couldn't get 60 votes on a controversial measure?

Point two: You know what word is strangely missing from this column? "Filibuster." That is, if the minority Republicans insist on every bill needing 60 votes for passage, then Democrats don't really "control" the Senate. Having more than 50 seats but fewer than 60 entitles them to do little more today than name the Majority Leader.

Point three: Seriously, nearly every Republican voted no, as they have on just about every measure on Obama's agenda, but they expressed bewilderment to you that Democrats couldn't woo more of them? And you believed them?


  1. Actually Sen. Reid asked senate for unanimous consent for the 60 vote option, in order to keep Republican amendments from passing.

  2. It is true that without the 60 vote requirement--which was not an "option" for Reid, the only option was to have it by agreement or by a cloture vote--Republican as well as Democrstic amendments could pass. However, it is enitrely possible that the Grassley substitute--which got 52 votes--would have failed in a majority-vote Senate because a couple of Democrats " might have been willing to hang with mainstream Democrats if their votes were needed -- any whipping on amendments surely went into the close Democratic amendments, not the GOP items."

    In any event, its' ridiculous to talk about Reid "choosing" a 60-vote option. Virtually *every* Democratic bill has been filibustered since Obam came to office--that is, held to a 60 vote requirement. That doesn't mean the filibusters have always been *successful*, because sometimes the Democrats have managed to get 60 votes (except for a months in 2009-2010 this has always required at least a few GOP allies). But every bill has been filibustered (whether successfully or not)--i.e., held to a 60-vote requirement.

  3. The Senate is being turned into the Polish Sejm.

    The Golden Freedom, which the magnates defended with every bit of chicanery and power they commanded, was the freedom of the few to oppress the many... ~ James A. Michener's, Poland.

  4. California, as always, is the future.

    The R's project will be to destroy as much of the US government as they can before they (the white oligarchy) lose political power completely.

  5. It certainly is a problem that Maureen Dowd is not accountable to the public or to the politicians she writes about. She is free to sit along in a room and type up that garbage about what others should do and has this enormous platform with which to broadcast her la-la vision of politics. Most citizen's understanding of events is determined by people like her much more than by reality.